Čachtice Winery
visual identity

client: PD Čachtice s. r. o.
competition proposal
co-author: Radka Bartošová

Čachtice Winery lies in the wine region of western Slovakia in the Small Carpathian wine region, which is famous for its delicous white wines. On November 2014, the winery decided to produce it’s own exclusive wines using new modern methods thus they wanted to refresh the image of the company. Radka Bartošová and me decided to participate in the competition and succeeded by claiming the first prize.

The visual identity is inspired in the regional tradition, culture and the history. The core of the visual identity is the logo. That combines the wine, letter Č and the abstract position of an dominant Čachtice Castle on the hill.  Around the logo, there’s a dynamic visual identity based on it’s elements. The color palette is inspired by the traditional technique of blueprint, which has a long lasting tradition in the region.

Flagship „Retro“ Wines